Sedale – MVP [ Most Valuable Partier] – Deeper Than Soca




Sedale – MVP – Most Valuable Partier Real partiers look forward to the endless pump and pace of the Carnival Season and tackle it with the intent to emerge victorious. These feters radiate positive energy and emit intense passion at every party. You know them when you see them – they bring out a vibe that makes every fete come alive. They are addicted to the feel, taste, smell, sight and sound of it all and for all they do, they deserve a trophy. So with this new release by Sedale, written by Shemmy Johannes, Sedale Simei and Patrick ‘Mr. Vybe’ Gordon, produced by Miguel ‘Migz’ Joseph of Vibez Productionz and Francis ‘Leebo’ DeLima of Heights Music we celebrate all Champions – the Real MVPs – the Most Valuable Partiers from St. Lucia, the Caribbean Region and beyond!


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