About Us

Queen B Chronicles is an up-and-coming online magazine that focuses on music, entertainment, and lifestyle. Founded by sisters Vero and Sheila, Queen B Chronicles grew out of the Bay Area into a valued source for online readers. It strives to inform visitors about current entertainment communities across the U.S. and throughout the world. It understands the progression of a new, creative generation, and honors the ingenuity of artists on the ever-increasing Internet. That is why Queen B Chronicles believes in a “paperless” magazine, offering readers an alternative medium to the diversity and integrity of musical and artistic entertainment.


Moreover, Queen B Chronicles focuses on providing the media with tools for aspiring individuals who are dedicated to expose themselves in music, art, events, and other positive endeavors. Queen B Chronicles started in 2006 as a simple blog-spot and has grown into a fully developed website. Today, Queen B Chronicles is constantly developing new networks and profitable business relationships, all the while expanding recognition for providing quality and consistent exposure through public and business affiliates. Queen B Chronicles takes pride with its work—the very details of promotion.


We are really excited to announce our upcoming store. Coming Summer of 2016 is our Queen B Chronicles SHOP!