Cousin to The Legendary Beyoncé, ​Shanica Knowles And Jay-Z Producer Bink Team Up With ….

Cousin to The Legendary Beyoncé, Shanica Knowles And 

Jay-Z Producer Bink Team Up With Evan Barlow For a Touching Yet Dark 

Journey in New Record Titled


jayzproducer shanicaknowles

Evan Barlow Continues to Share Vividly About His Dark Addictive Past in His Latest Release


LOS ANGELES, CA (April 8, 2016)  – Evan Barlow pleads with the evil forces of drug addiction to release their hold on his soul. “Pop that vein, Satan is alive now, I want Satan to let me be, Just give me peace.” It’s easy to see the struggle Barlow had to go through while overcoming the battles of drug addiction in this chilling new record titled “WindoW.” Actress and cousin to the legendary Beyonce Knowles, Shanica Knowles, known for her roles in Hanna Montana and Jump In!, does an incredible job painting the picture of addiction knocking at the Window of the soul asking to be let in over a hypnotic, enchanting beat.

Evan Barlow takes the listener though the ups and downs of his near death life experience which he has been faithfully able to withstand. The rising star is committed to sharing his story about his ability to overcome drug addiction and continues to show up with incredible art showcasing his lyrical dominance and powerful delivery. His undeniably powerful writing style continues to give him a cutting edge working with producers aligned with Jay-Z, Kanye West, Macklemore, Timbaland and more! Barlow plans to fully release his entire body of work titled “Fabrics” on July 4th just in time for Independence Day. With nearly 156,000 organic plays on Soundcloud, fans are growing consistently fond of Evan Barlow’s skill set and are committed to following him as he shares his story with the world.

Evan Barlow is set to open for Diplo, Travis Scott and Lil Dicky May 21st for Shaggfest in his hometown of Virginia. Visit for tickets and information.

Keep up with Evan Barlow on Instagram and Twitter: @EvanBarlowMusic

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