George Nooks ‘Ride Out Your Storm’

riddimPress Release ‘Ride Out Your Storm’ George Nooks has always been spiritual. Even when he was doing roots songs like ‘Tribal War’ and ‘Fortyleg Dread’ in the 1970s, in his heart beat a gospel drum. The singer expresses his passion for Christ on ‘Ride Out Your Storm’, his latest album, to be released June 17 by Tad’s Record. The 15-track set was produced by the veteran singer with Tad Dawkins and Tad Dawkins Jnr as executive producers. It is Nooks’ second album of inspirational songs. The first, 2001’s ‘Standing By’, contained the big-selling song, ‘God Is Standing By’. Nooks wanted everything ‘to be perfect’ for ‘Ride Out Your Storm’, hence the 15-year break between albums.”It took a while to complete but that’s because I put my all into it. It’s really a joy to have a second gospel album.” The title song is the lead track. ‘Here I Am’, written by Nooks; ‘Can’t Even Walk (first done by the Grace Thrillers) and the popular ‘I Remember Mama’ are also on this impressive collection. Nooks worked with some top musicians on the album, including Danny ‘Bassie’ Dennis of the Firehouse Crew; keyboardist Bowie McLaughlin; guitarist Monty Savoury and drummer Kirk Bennett. ‘Ride Out Your Storm’ is George Nooks’ fourth album for Tad’s. The company’s principal, Tad Dawkins Snr, has known him since his days recording for producer Joe Gibbs. “I have watched him grow from then to now. I rate George Nooks as one of the great reggae and lovers rock singers,” said Dawkins. ‘Ride out Your Storm’ will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Juno and other major online distributors. It will also be accessible on compact disc and vinyl. Please see below the track listing for the album. 1. Here I Am 2. Nobody Greater 3. Precious Memories 4. I Remember Mama 5. God Will Take Care 6. Ride Out Your Storm 7. Broken Vessel Remix 8. I’ve Lost My Way 9. Rugged Cross / He Touched Me 10. My Sweet Lord 11. Father I Love You featuring Richie Stephens 12. Can’t Even Walk 13. Love Lifted Me 14. I’m Depending On You 15. Redemption Medley


George Nooks – Ride Out Your Storm –




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