HellaFashion.com takes a new direction! Press Release.

For immediate release. 

HellaFashion.com is please to announce their new direction!

After several assessments, the trendy online shop has made changes in their store model. HellaFashion.com used a third party dropshipping model to sell accessories. This allowed them to test, and access what customers wanted. The HellaFashion.com philosophy is to listen to what their customers want, to guarantee satisfaction. Providing affordable fashionable accessories such as; necklaces, earrings, rings, sunglasses, and bracelets.

HellaFashion.com dropped the third party model, and is now directly supplying and shipping the products. What does this mean for their customers? Prices have lowered by up to 80% in most products. They have also eliminated shipping costs in the United States. Yes, you read correctly, free shipping for orders shipped to addresses in the United States.

Log on to www.HellaFashion.com and check out their gorgeous accessories to finalize that perfect outfit!
Veronica Lopez
2530 Berryessa Rd #180 San Jose, CA 95132

HellaFashion.com is a Queen B Chronicles,LLC brand.

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