Meat eaters. I understand you.


If you already downloaded my “I know it’s hard but…” eBook, you’re probably not feeling very happy about me mentioning that not eating meat. Let me just start with I FEEL YOU! When you grow up eating meat and thinking that you must eat meat as a part of a balanced meal, it is extremely hard to let go.

I decided to write this blog because just two days ago I tried this sirloin panini at one of my favorite acai bowl spots. AND LET ME TELL YOU it was super delicious. So good I decided that for lunch the next day I would go there and get a panini bowl combo.  OH it was glorious! Then I got home and I was craving some food with meat, something yummy like Tacos! So is started looking up some sort of “fusion tacos” to Door Dash to my house. – Yes I know, it was that serious right! Well instead I ended up getting a shrimp taco from one of the “Americanized” Mexican spots across the street with a salad. What was so bad about that? It was almost 7:30PM. My bedtime varies from 8PM through 9PM. (I get up really early, maybe I’ll write about it some other time!). I ate really close to my bed time.

This morning I had some time to reflect on my eating decisions from the last couple days. I remembered when I did the Vegan thing for a month as a challenge, and how I would smell hamburger everywhere I went. I mean everywhere! I realized I am experiencing a meat relapse. I crave meat because I had meat. I usually eat meat once a week. I’m pretty good at this. I love the taste of beef. I rarely eat beef. When I eat my weekly meat, I already know the meat is my treat. When I tried the panini for the first time a couple days ago, I didn’t really think much about out. It was not my treat day and I did not mentally tell myself this is a treat. Sure enough there I was back at it the next day, and that evening.  So I’m saying all this to say, beware! Beware when you are focused on your weight loss goal, and you decide to have some meat. Make sure you (a) stick to your already pre-determined routine (for example treat days on Saturdays) and (b) remind yourself it that it is a treat, so that you run back the next day getting more! Don’t forget I completely understand what you are going through. It is all a day to day journey!

Don’t forget it is all about mind power first, body power second! If you haven’t already downloaded my weight loss advice guide, do so now! Click here to download!


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