Queen Ifrica – Climb – VP Records – Album Release


Queen Ifrica – CLIMB – Album Now Available

Queen Ifrica’s status as one of reggae’s foremost listened-to and committed voices is furthered by Climb’s 15 hardhitting tracks. The album opens with the hip-hop tinged, authentic male/female dialogue heard on ”Truversation” featuring Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley (produced by Rickman “Jamplified” Warren). Warren also produced the title track where Queen’s beautifully sung lyrics encourage perseverance, especially during challenging times. On “Ask My Granny”, Queen reveals two of her greatest motivational sources, her mother and grandmother, each overcoming many hardships to set a positive example for the younger generation. For the men in her life, especially her fans, Queen Ifrica offers a romantic voice on the sensual lovers rock tune “Better Than Amazing”, courtesy of I’Core Productions. She begs forgiveness for infidelity on “All That I’m Asking”, and reminds females to respect their unswerving male partners on “Good Man”, both produced by Tony Rebel. “These songs come from my male fans asking me to do songs for them; as much oppression as women face, men face it too, so sometimes just a little acknowledgement to say honey I know you are there goes a long way,” Queen explains. Rebel lends his production expertise to several tracks including “Medical Marijuana”, a crusade for the legalization of cannabis, which Rastafarians cite as a holy herb, and “That’s How It Is Sometimes”, a summation of Ifrica’s genuine approach to her life and music. “I like to deal in reality, accepting life for what it is and when bad things happen and you don’t know what to do, music can offer that glimmer of hope,” she says. “I am happy to be a voice that stands in the light and gives something that people can relate to and take from.”




Queen Ifrica – Ask My Granny | Official Music Video



• Jan. 2017 release of the video for the song “TRUEVERSATION” with Damian JR Gong Marley

• Album showcase in Brooklyn NY Nov. 2016

• Stellar Performance on Rebel Salute 2017, Jamaica

• Performance on the inaugural “Love and Harmony Cruise” Feb 2017

• Booked on the “International Woman’s Day” concert March 8th 2017, Kingston Jamaica



Queen Ifrica – Trueversation ft. Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley | Official Music Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF5suUOzGkQ







Trueversation Feat. Damian Marley

Thats How It Is Sometimes

Love Is Not Blind

Pleasure To See


Medical Marijuana

Good Man

Black Woman


All That I’m Asking


I Can’t Breathe

Ask My Granny


Better Than Amazing

Lie Dem A Tell

Let’s Get Silly?

Queen Ifrica – Black Woman | Dj Download











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