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Revel in Greatness was established in 2014 out of 2 people’s love for fashion, graphic design, and photography. From its inception, the focus has been on unique designs, r_in_g_greatness_t_modelquality fabrics, and a flavor which is always true to the street. That trueness is reflected not only in the clothes, but in the artists’ they collaborate with, and the overall identity of the brand. Co-founder Ivan Dominguez has an extensive background in graphic design and fashion design which has helped catapult the brand further and has made it possible to bring their raw visions to life. The other founder, Chelsea Johnson has been organizing fashion shows for over a decade and has many years experience scouting/managing models. This has benefited the brand image by strategically casting models that contribute to the overall feel and style of the brand. Chelsea also has experience in fashion photography and has shot all the photos for R in G. The combination of the two founders creativity and vision is what makes Revel In Greatness a true success. r_in_g_tropical_tank

Seeking to push the boundaries of streetwear, R in G started by taking the emphasis away from their logo and instead put the focus on the clothes. By designing their own fabrics and choosing to sew locally, they have developed a wonderful hands on approach to their business which shows when it comes to the quality and integrity of the brand. In a very saturated market, Ivan and r_in_g_hustle_tankChelsea know how important it is to find ones own lane and voice. They were both born with a love of music, street style, high fashion and art and strive to keep that r_in_g_greatness_t_model2consistently present within the brands DNA. Having spent many late nights and early mornings getting the product just right, they are so excited to introduce to the world REVEL IN GREATNESS!









To take great pride or joy in something.








The quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent.



Facebook:  r_in_g_grey_camo_sweatshirt

Instagram: @R_in_G

Twitter: @RevelGreatness




Las Vegas: Narcissistik Miracle Mile Shops 3663 Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas NV


Los Angeles: Hip Hop Sports 1125 Maple Ave Ste 3 Los Angeles, CA 90015

San Francisco: Gift 2 Gab Gallery 5242 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94112




r_in_g_tropical_tank_model r_in_g_tropical_tank_model2 r_in_g_vandals_sweatshirt r_in_g_vandals_sweatshirt2 rapper_kariz85

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