Why is Digital Marketing important?

What is Digital Marketing and why is it important? Digital Marketing is the marketing of a services or goods being old digitally, for example marketing via internet or social media, digital television. You may be wondering why is this important? Millions of people spend hours on end on their phones, tables, and or laptops. Digital marketing allows you to reach those consumers during the those times.


We live in a digital world. In a world where the internet and social media channels are in the palm of our hands. The new wave of sales are instant sales. We as consumers demand a speedy experience. The same philosophy applies to Digital Marketing. Digital marketing needs to be strategic to your consumer’s needs. It is important for you to know your consumers. How do you get their attention? How do you get the consumer to engage with your ad? How do you get the consumer to visit your site? How will you convert the visit to a sale or a service booking? All these

questions are important questions to think about when thinking of Digital Marketing. Almost 50% of the consumer populations shops using their mobile device. But only 20% from the 50% will make a purchase/ book a service. About  40% of the consumer population shops using a desktop, out of them almost 70% will convert to a sale or booking.


Human attention span was measured at 9 seconds in 2015. Therefore it is vital to engage with your consumer through your Digital Marketing so that you can convert that visit into a sale/ booking of service. There are many strategies you can use to allure your consumers and turn them into loyal customers.

Some strategies to remember are:

  1. Set a marketing budget
  2. Know your market
  3. Set your goals
  4. Identify what tools and marketing channels you will need
  5. Bring awareness to your consumer
  6. Engage with your consumers
  7. Test / Assess the tools and resources used to market
    • Which ads are working?
    • Are they paid ads or manual ads?
    • Who’s engaging with the ads?
  8. Convert
  9. Keep loyalty

Make sure to read all you can about Digital Marketing. It is important that you learn as much as you can when taking on a journey. Always do your research and read, read, read!

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