Worry Bout Yo Self” by Smoke Dogg feat. F.Dot & Jay Candy

smokedoggSmoke Dogg The Raw Dawg was born in New Orleans, LA a place where music voice to excite others and decided to entertain and make music as a hobby at the age of 10. Encouragement from his peers, and his love for making the crowd move brought Smoke to various performance arenas in New Orleans, and Baton Rouge, LA. His energy has been requested in talent shows as a featured guest, fashion shows, and block parties. Gaining popularity in public venues introduced Smoke to studio on various projects, including working in Kane & Able’s Most Wanted Studios.

Smoke collabing with the Baton Rouge hip hop scene would work with some of No Limit’s prominent artist such as, Kane & Able and Fiend. After a short stay in Baton Rouge, LA he moved on to Atlanta to try to further his career. He worked with underground djs, and featured on HOT 107.9 as a freestyle artist in 2001, and got a chance to freestyle with the industry’s best like Mr. Cheeks, Slum Village, Archie and producers on the come up like him. Atlanta,GA where he lived at the time, Smoke had become active on the under ground music scene. He could be caught in Open Mic sessions at the local clubs, and college campuses, and music seminars. He recorded his first underground album, ” The Raw Dawg ” which includes 17 banging tracks all written and produced by Smoke available at cdbaby.com , and to add to his accomplishments Smoke has just produced Doe’ja Da Don’s album “Gumbo Funk” which is hip hop. From his works you can clearly see that Smoke stays busy on the music scene whether it’s Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel, or Pop he’s on it for the love of music.

Unable to score a deal that was gravy enough for Smoke to sign a deal he decided to just create his on sound and buzz the underground music scene. Since then Smoke has dropped a solo project, and dropped underground mixtapes. Then he would join forces years later after the death of the big brother E-Mac which would bring Smoke back to New Orleans to work with his big brother Doe where they would collabe to introduce to the world who they are .. DA GUDDA BRUDAZ. Having their first finished project at a

hault due to Hurricane Katrina which they experienced first hand by staying in their studio to finish mixing down the album to be released. Having to evacuate their studio in boats and spend a week at the New Orleans Convention Center. Having to relocate due to the storm Smoke ended up in Natchez, MS for two years, recording day to day and nite to nite at any available studio, then decided to build his forth studio to continue his works. Non-stop in his efforts to blow up in the industry he has been invited to many shows threw the Southeast to perform in concert with artist like Lil Boosie Bad Azz, Young Bleed, Mr. Big, Mr. Magic, and Choppa Styles to name a few. To take his music to the next level Smoke has finally moved back to the ATL in 2007.

Although, compared to artist like Andre 3000, and Big Boi of Outkast, Snoop Dogg, and Bone Thugs in Harmony-Smoke brings his own special flavor to the Hip Hop scene. He is noted for his ability of leaving hip hop listeners with remarkable phrases and tongues twisters, like “Life is what you make it, So I’m tryna build a legacy, and ignore all the hating, I can’t be waitin, If I want it, I gotta go out in get it, With no pro-crastination!” His goal is to bring the music world a unique style based on his creativity and Southern background. Ultimately Smoke wants to expose his talent to the world by signing with a Major Recording Label.



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